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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to Virtapay - Virtual Currency. Powered by 
is take down 
We Are Virtapay Dealer
Using our services you can withdraw funds from your  VirtaPay
You can trust us
Good day friends , good news to all VirtaPay members. Now you can convert your VirtaPay - virtual currency to PayPal, Alertpay, MoneyBookers instantly. We have provide all in one Instant Conversion URL. Once you pay we will give the currency exchange website. And you can transfer your virtapay money into western union,PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, MoneyBookers 
And you can transfer your virtapay money into western union.We will provide you the form,you should fill that fom and click submit
You can enjoy with this money and you can pay the online bills and use to the online venders.
Open the URL  and register it on your computer or laptop. Login your VirtaPay details and convert your VirtaPay virtual-currency to e-currency amongst: PayPal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers, PerfectMoney and any other e-currency you wish to, More e-currency will be included in the nearest future. Converting time different in your purchased capacity between 1Min to 30mins conversion time frame. Your VirtaPay virtual currency money will be credited to your preferred e-currency account. More e-currency will be included in the near future as VirtaPay will be officially launched.
We will give the URL .....
How to Use the web site?
    1. Register the your details in the website
    2. Click the conformation link in your mail
    3. Login the exchanger website
    4. Then Enter how much you want to exchange and PM account No
    5. Then click exchange
    6. Wait 30 sec the page will load
    7. Then Click process
    8. Then wait 10 sec success message will come
    9. Then check your PM,you can see the money in your PM
We will give the Website URL.But you need to pay small fee.You can pay from your Liberty Reserve , Alertpay ,  Perfect Money , Paypal
If your payment is finished automatically you will redirect to the website and you can exchange your money within a sec.
Click this button you can pay the fee......

Payment plan :-
We are giving 9 planes
        1. Exchange within 2mins : $ 99.85  USD
        2. Exchange Within 1Hr   :  $ 87.55  USD
        3. Exchange Within 1Day :  $ 79.13 USD
       4. Exchange within 2Days : $ 65.99  USD
      5- Withdraw  Virtapay To Credit Card Or Virtapay Debit Card Here
       6. Withdraw Virtapay Money To Western Union within 48 Hours $ 99.19 USD  Slow Transfer of money
       7. Withdraw Virtapay Money To Western Union within 12 Hours $ 125.99USD  Medium Transfer
      8. Withdraw Virtapay Money To Western Union within 3:6 Hours $ 157.85 USD  Very fast Transfer
       9 . Withdraw Virtapay Money To Bank Wire, withdraw within 24 hours $ 179.13 USD ( Exclusive )

 Virtapay Converter Please click Below "Convert" Button
You will not lose your money with us

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This Option Available To Our Members
More than 2,500 members Rate Us
verified financial company
we enable secure money exchange and payments  
Prices have been updated 15.April.2014
Using our services you can withdraw funds from your  VirtaPay
 Transfer Money is within 48 Hours , 12 Hours Or 6 Hours From the Virtapay Money To Western Union 3 website
VirtaPay Extract Card Or Debit Card Here
 It's completely safe
This is a real and working 100%
Not a lie like the others
 Virtapay Converter Please click Below "Convert" Button  

Guarantee you money back if it does not work with you

 Note: These offer Available one week only it will be increase $ 185 and more within 2 weeks Bank Wire$ 250
Once You Pay Our Automated Machine Will Redirect You to the Conversion page
Important Note:
We do not accept VirtaPay funds From Unregistered
 Sell your Virtapay money directly pay the register fee with us Here

Convert Virtapay Choose Any One Payment Method
OR You Can Register To The Fast Exchange

 Choose  method payment :
Choose a payment plan 1 Or 2 Or 3 Or 4 and see how the work
Choose a payment plan 5 and see how the work 
Choose a payment plan 6 , 7, 8 and see how the work 
 Choose a payment plan 9 and see how the work 

Our Member Testimonials Here

We do not accept VirtaPay funds From Unregistered
See How To working


We accept money from PayPal
Send the money to our account you can received the service after 2 days so we can verification

We Accept Virtapay Funds Only From Our Members

maybe you You won't believe heaven fell pie.
but we can prove that it is true.
see our last payouts,you will trust us........

You Must Trust Us

Last Withdraw funds from VirtaPay


Transfer Virtapay Money To Western Union
Transfer Charges:
This is one time payment,this transfer process we will charge only $ 99.19 Or $ 125.99 Or $ 157.55 USD  This charge you can pay from Liberty Reserve , Alertpay , Perfect Money , Paypal
Once your payment will finish you can redirect to the form page.You should file the form and click submit.

Please fill the form and put correct information,because we want to process undefined

Cosmic Pay Account Number: C57230784
Perfect Money : U1498036
WebMoney ID : Z159895737931

If your payment finished Contact Us

Order via PayZa Or Perfect Money Or Paypal

Convert your VirtaPay to your Preferred E-currency. Please choose your conversion time of payment conversion below and make payment to download software. Make sure you have enough fund in your Liberty Reserve to make paymanet and have access to download software

Any help please contact Us ,operated independently of Virtapay, AlertPay, SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money, Paypal, c-gold, Global Digital Pay, western union, Pecunix and any other E-Currency or exchange service provider and we do not endorse or promote any of the electronic currencies listed on this web site. Your use of this web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use.........